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USPS tracking number – USPS, also known as the United States Postal Services allows its postal customers to track their respective packages via the service called USPS tracking. USPS is quite important when it comes to tracking an important package or mail to reach its final destination. The USPS provides all of the important details such as date, time as well as the ZIP code to where your package would be delivered, in addition to receiving all of the important updates related to the package. It is much easier to keep your package within your sight virtually through the USPS tracking. You will be receiving all of the updates of the order which you have placed until the same reached its destination. If you are also looking for US Post Office Delivery Timing find out from here.

What is meant by the USPS Tracking Number services?

Tracking something is a process where one observes a person or any object which is one the move and the resemblance of a tracking system provides a timely ordered sequence of any location on the display of the model. The United States Postal Services provides such a service known as the USPS tracking with which a customer can easily track his or her USPS package from its starting point to its final destination. This service ensures that the customer’s package has reached its destination or not. USPS tracking services provide the users with real-time tracking information along with a virtualised delivery path in the google maps.

USPS Tracking

For Domestic Shipping Products: This facility of USPS tracking is included free for any domestic shipping products apart from commercial USPS mails. The feature of tracking can be added as an extra feature by paying an additional fee but the guaranteed delivery of the product is not made by the USPS.

For International Shipping Products: The facility of free tracking is not available for international shipments. USPS offers multiple international mail services that can be tracked easily without any hassle. also, if you add any sort of compatible service with the internal products then also you can track easily with the international tracking services.

For First Class Mail Letters: For an efficient end to end tracking service for the first-class mails, you need to buy an extra service likewise. If you want to pick your parcel by your self then check it out Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?

How to start Track USPS Parcel ?

Via the Post Office: The USPS tracking facility will be activated as soon as you pay the postage on your qualifying product which is to be shipped. This can be done at a retail counter of a post office without any hassle.

Via Online: For obtaining the USPS tracking facility online, you need to create an account over on the official website. This account is required for printing the USPS tracking labels or for purchasing various stamps, mailing/shipping services, etc. The tracking label consists of a USPS tracking number for the product and a receipt for the same is also provided. You need to visit the official website to access the information regarding your delivery on the tracking page. You can also obtain the tracking number to track your time or even set up tracking notifications via email or phone number.

How does the whole system of USPS Tracking works?

The whole process of the USPS tracking package is simple as well as interesting. Whenever a parcel or package gets delivered the working personnel at the post office assign a unique USPS tracking number to each mail which helps in the tracking of the whole process. After assigning the tracking number, the parcel is sent out for delivery. The parcel is scanned several times until it reaches its final destination. Each time the mail gets passed from one checkpoint, it is scanned. This is one of the main reasons why you receive an accurate location of your package. There are many ways via which you can track your package but before that, you need to know about what a USPS tracking number is.

USPS Tracking Number

A USPS tracking number is assigned to the customer at the time of placing the order. This number is used to track the information about your delivery. The USPS tracking number is an end to end tracking mechanism which helps the users to track their package from the starting point to the final destination. It is a 22 digit number however the numbers depend on the type of service you are opting in against.

Where can you find the USPS tracking number?

The USPS tracking number can be found in the following locations:

  1. In the post office shipping receipt.
  2. If you have purchased insurance from the post office you will find the USPS tracking ID in the sales receipt provided to you.
  3. If you have used the official website for the services, the tracking number can be found in your email inbox.
  4. The same can be found in the shipping confirmation mail which is sent by the online retailer.
  5. The tracking number can also be found at the bottom portion of a tracking label.
  6. The same can be found at the back of your orange slip if you happened to miss a USPS delivery.

There are places where you can obtain your tracking number without any hassle. eventually, after you have received the tracking number, visit the official website to track your package with the help of the tracking number which is provided to you.

Not every postal service provides the facility of online tracking of the package. Some of the services which are eligible for the tracking facilities are as follows:

  1. Collect on delivery
  2. Registered mail
  3. USPS delivery
  4. Signature confirmation
  5. Priority mail
  6. Certified mail
  7. Global express guaranteed

How to Track your USPS package?                          

Some of the ways via which you can track your package are as follows:

  1. Online Tracking

Visit the official website of the USPS. To track your package, you need to have the correct USPS tracking ID. The domestic shipment tracking facility is for free, however, for standard mail parcels and internal shipment products, you might need to purchase additional service so that you can track your package.

Step 1: Visit

Open your preferred web browser and visit the official website of the USPS.

Step 2: Pick the tracking option

Click on the option which mentiones “Track and Manage” and click on the option “Track”.

Step 3: Insert the tracking number

You need to enter the correct tracking number in the provided blank space. You can enter up to 35 tracking numbers at once, all of which are separated by commas respectively. After entering your tracking number, select the “Track Package” button.

  1. Tracking through phone

To track your package through your phone, you need to call the toll free customer care number. You need to provide your tracking ID to the customer representative and he or she will check the status of your package from their database. It is very easy to use this method to track your package, but proceeding with this option, it is advised that you obtain the correct information about the customer working hours.

  1. Using the mobile application

The United State Postal Services can be accessed through the mobile application also. If you are using an Android and an iOS device you can obtain the USPS app from the play store or the app store likewise. This application is not only used for tracking your package but the same can be used effectively for other postal services also.

  1. With the help of emails

to receive notifications about your package, you can enable the email option while purchasing an online product or even afterward. The USPS tracking facility has improved a lot since it was introduced back in the day.

  1. Visit the official website of the USPS.
  2. Insert the tracking number of your package.
  3. There will be an option which says “Get email updates”
  4. Click on that option
  5. Follow the instructions which follow up and you will be receiving the email updates within no time.

What is the cost of USPS tracking services?

This is one of the most FAQ which every other person has issues with. The simple answer to this question would be that there is no additional cost which is required for the tracking process. The products which include the USPS tracking does not require an additional cost for tracking the product likewise. You only need to pay for the products’ postage and the tracking facility is included. This facility is included for free for the domestic shipping, but as mentioned earlier, the commercial USPS mail parcels might require some charge. This charge may or may not be included for the international shipping products.

So, Above is complete details information about how to track USPS tracking number online step by step guide. If you have any query just comment on below box or visit official website to get any kind of query.

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