USPS Holiday Hours 2020: Know Post Office Working Hours

USPS Holiday Hours – In the daily hectic lifestyle of individuals, there are various services which most of us takes for granted. However, the absence of these services even for a small period of time gets us all worried. One of these service are the postal services. We just casually send and receive mails and packages without even thinking about the same even for a day. But eventually, if the postal services stop for even a day then we supposedly realise its importance. Even a day off with the postal services greatly affects the small and medium sized business which are heavily dependent on the same. Any mishap would directly affect the business’s bottom lines.

Taking most of the underlying factors into consideration, there aren’t many USPS Holidays Hours. In fact, the standard 10-day holiday federal calendar is followed by the USPS just like any other   government organisation. Even within these days of USPS Holiday Hour 2020 special packages and mails do get delivered by the provider. So if you are looking forward to sending or receiving any parcel, make sure that you consider that the day is an USPS holiday or not.

USPS Holiday Hours

USPS Holiday Hours 2020

List of Holidays are as follows:

Name of Holiday Date
New Year’s Day January 1
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday January 21
Presidents Day / George Washington’s Birthday February 18
Memorial Day May 27
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day September  2
Christopher Columbus Day October  14
Veterans’ Day (Observed) November  11
Thanksgiving Day November  28
Christmas December 25

USPS Holiday Schedule

There are quite a few interesting observations which can be made from the above data likewise.Find out more  Find USPS Missing Mail or any other information related USPS.

Most of the USPS Holiday 2020 falls on Mondays and very few are falling on other weekdays. This is mainly for two specific reasons:

  1. United States is one of the few countries where there aren’t any specific delivery holidays. Instead, all of the holidays which you see above are created by the Congress for the federal institutions. These holidays are considered on a regular basis every year and therefore are considered to be postal holidays as well as national holidays likewise.
  2. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act is another reason why most of the holidays fell on Mondays. This is to ensure that the employees receive a long weekend. Any of the holidays which falls on Saturday or Sunday is shifted to Friday and Monday respectively, since, the number of holidays are very few and employees to need long weekend for their leisure activities.


Since we have discussed about all of the USPS holidays hour in the United States, this post will provide you with the necessary information in addition to solving all of the problems which will guide you in the correct way eventually.

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