Official USPS Change of Address | USPS Mail Forwarding

USPS Change of Address | USPS Mail Forwarding

It is understandable that when it comes to selecting a specific type of USPS Change of Address form then things could turn out to be quite confusing. This is the reason why this article has been created so that viewers can have a clear idea of what USPS Change of Address is all about.

What should you know about the USPS Change of Address?

The initial thing which you need to know about what the USPS Address Change form is that you need to choose from three different kinds of forms namely individual, family, and business. It does not matter whether you require your mail to be forwarded once or fifty times. This article will provide you with a clear idea of which type of form would you require in accordance with your requirements.

USPS Change of Address

Individual USPS Change of Address form

  • Single Individuals

This is for all the single people. This type of mail forwarding is for the individuals who want USPS Mail Forwarding only for themselves.

  • Roommates

If you reside in a house which consists of numerous individuals who has the same last name then this is the type of USPS Mail Forwarding you require likewise. Here, all of your personal mails would be forwarded to you without any hassle. For this, all of the roommates need to fill out a separate form for USPS Mail Forwarding.

  • Family Members

This is the type of USPS Mail Forwarding which is opted when individuals have the same last name but each of them is moving to different places.

Family USPS Change of Address form

If every individual residing in a house has the same last name and is moving to the same place then you need to opt-in for a single-family form likewise. This informs the USPS that you want all of the mail to be forwarded to your new address for every individual who has the same last name in the household.

Business USPS Change of Address form

You can file for a business change of address form if you have authorization from your business organization to forward all of your mail on your behalf. This is also applicable for businesses if its complete address is being changed even if various people receive mail for the company.

Step by step guide to change your address

Before you shift to your new home you need to make sure that all of your bills, packages, and letter get delivered to the correct address. This can be done in the following ways:

Update your mail address

Initially, you need to start by updating your mail address by letting the USPS know about the same as soon as possible. The USPS will have a record of your old residential address and keep forwarding all of the mails to your new address for the next six months. To update your old residential address to the new address, you can perform either of the following methods:

Method 1: Visit the official website of the USPS. USPS charges a fee of $1 for verifying your identity while you are changing your mailing address online. Thus, you require a credit or debit card for the same likewise.

Method 2: You can also change your mailing address over the phone by dialing the toll-free number provided with the USPS. Here also you require a fee of $1 for verifying your identity for the change of address likewise.

Method 3: You can personally visit the nearest branch of the PO and ask for a USPS Change of Address form. USPS will again charge you the fee of $1 for verifying your identity.

USPS Change of Address Confirmation

Changing your USPS mail address is quite simple and quick. The real question lies is how would you know that your change of address has been confirmed?

Well, the USPS will send you some details or email to inform you about the change of address and thus provide you with some sort of confirmation likewise. Some of those are as follows:

  1. If you have made the change of address online, then you will be sent a confirmation code over to your mail address.
  2. USPS will also send you a permanent change of address confirmation letter to your new mail address.
  3. USPS will send you a Welcome Kit to your new mail address. Various kinds of offers and coupons will be present in the kit.
  4. You will receive an MVL (Move Validation Letter) to your old residential address. This is done so that you can validate your move from your old residential address likewise.


USPS provides its postal customers with the option to change the mailing address from an old residential address to a new one in a few simple steps. It is important for citizens residing in the United States if they are changing their address. Many people change their address for various reasons therefore USPS facilitates this service to their customers to change their current address and shift to the new address likewise. Many people change their address every year this eventually creates a huge challenge for the USPS. But with this feature available to the customers USPS does not face much trouble anymore. So, above is complete guide to USPS Change of Address for any query visit official website to get all kind of details.

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