How to Update or Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding?

How to Cancel/Modify USPS Mail Forwarding

There is a piece of great news for individuals who have extended their trips for work or any vacation. They can now easily Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding, Update USPS Mail Forwarding, Modify their USPS Mail Forwarding without any hassle and quickly. It does not matter whether you are away from your local home for more than a month or even for several months likewise, you can now temporarily Modify your USPS Mail Forwarding, Update USPS Mail Forwarding which is supposedly a necessity since all of your mails, bills and envelops needs to be attended to in case you are away from your home for more than a month.

Therefore, knowing the correct procedures on how to manage your USPS mail forwarding address is mandatory. To make sure that you do not fail to receive any mail or bill once you reach home, you need to know how to Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding, Update USPS Mail Forwarding services too. For an individual, the travel schedule might often change and the last thing that the concerned individual would need to do is to track down his or her mails after he or she returns home. Thus, it is mandatory to set up the end date of the service so that your normal services can be resumed just like before.

To ensure that your USPS mail forwarding is done without any hassle, follow the procedures which have been mentioned below.  If you lost USPS Tracking Number don’t have tracking number then you can easily get it from here – Have you lost USPS Tracking Number ?

Update or Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding?

How to Cancel USPS mail forwarding service?

Changing the address form:

Step 1: First of all, you need to visit the official website of the USPS. .

Step 2: You will find an option which says ‘Track and Manage’, located at the top menu.

Step 3: Select the option which says ‘Change of Address’ and you will be redirected to the change address form.

Step 4: At the bottom of the page, you will find a box which would say ‘Have you already changed your address? View or Edit’.

Step 5: After performing the above steps you will be redirected to a new page from where you need to perform the steps which have been mentioned below likewise.

Update Your USPS Mail Forwarding

Confirmation Code:

Here on this page, you will be asked to enter your confirmation code and your new area ZIP code.

If you have opted in for the online change of address, then you should have received the confirmation code in your registered email address.

However, if you have applied for the change of address locally in the post office, then your confirmation code will be sent via mail to your new address within a few days, without any problem.

There are cases where individuals supposedly lost their confirmation code or are not able to relocate the same. if you face such an issue, go through the steps which have been mentioned below:

  1. You need to visit the United States Post Office directly if you are unable to do the cancellation online.
  2. A simple process, which requires you to verify your identity by filling out a form that needs to be done.
  3. After you have verified your identity, you will receive a new confirmation code which you need to enter on the webpage which is displayed to you, along with the area ZIP code of your new residence and press on the option which says ‘Submit’.

Henceforth, you will be taken to the next page.

How to Cancel or Change USPS Mail Forwarding Request?

Choosing an option

On this page, you will be provided with a list of various options from where you need to choose accordingly. These options are as follows:

  1. You will be able to change the mail forwarding start date or end date.
  2. You can also change your phone number or email address to receive the important notification from USPS likewise.
  3. You can even switch moving statuses.
  4. You can cancel USPS Mail Forwarding.

Some of the data such as name or address cannot be changed on this page. If you want to make changes to your name or address then you need to cancel your overall USPS mail forwarding service and applying for a fresh one.

Do keep in mind that you cannot make these changes more than two times a day. So be very careful when it comes to making such changes since one mistake would eventually lead to a great problem.

In case of canceling the USPS Mail Forwarding, you can do that anytime without any hassle.


You need to have your confirmation code since that is the most important step If you want to cancel your USPS mail forwarding service.

Without the code, the whole process would require a huge amount of time and also be sure to keep the confirmation code safe.

The above-mentioned steps are some of the easiest ones if you need to Modify your USPS Mail Forwarding, Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding, Update USPS Mail Forwarding. Be sure to get it done as quickly as possible online or at your nearest post office, which would be a necessity if you are going to change your current home for a few months due to work or vacation.

There is also an alternative way that would help you to activate and cancel the mail forward services. You can do so by applying for a virtual mailbox service.

With the help of this virtual mailbox, you can easily control your mails and forward them to any address you want. This can be done anytime and you also need not worry about changing or modifying the address for your new residence.

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