Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?

Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?

Most of the postal customers intend on picking up their specific delivery or mail before the scheduled date due to various underlying reasons. But these individuals do not happen to know about the working principle on how this works. Therefore, the most common question resides and that is “Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?” So, we have provided the readers with the answer to this question in this single article.

USPS or United States Postal Services is an independent mail agency that was founded in the year of 1971. This agency works under the United States Federal Government which makes the USPS third largest company in the World. The USPS provides its customers with various postal services around the globe at much cheaper rates and also in different mail classes.

Since the USPS is a huge organization so various users have lots of questions daily based on the numerous services this company provides, the most common question being “Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery”? So let us see what the answer to this question would be eventually.

Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?

Can I Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery?

The most basic answer to this question would be YES. You can pick up a USPS package before delivery at your home address.

So, how is this possible? Post Offices receive the mail and delivery items around dawn which is approximately 4 or 5 am. The carrier distributes the mail around 8 am. If you have someone known in the post office or if the carrier has not hit the street yet then upon request your package can be held at the window without any hassle.

You need to contact the post office for the tracking number of your package and obtain the delivery as quickly as possible according to your needs. Just before the day of your delivery, you will receive the tracking number for your USPS package. You can obtain your package from the USPS Delivery Centre by providing your ID proof and some other official documents likewise. You can give this a try since there is no guarantee that you will be able to receive your package since the rules and regulations of the USPS are very strict and if your package has already been dispatched then you cannot pick up your delivery any more from the delivery center.

USPS Package Intercept

You can avail of the package intercept services if you are looking forward to redirecting your parcel to delivery. This service, however, requires a few approvals before you can pick up your package. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding this issue then you can always ask any of the USPS Package Intercept on what this service is all about.

How does the USPS Package Intercept works?

  1. Firstly, you need to make sure that whether your package is available for intercept services or not.
  2. If your mail or package is eligible for the intercept services then you need to login to your account on the USPS official website and eventually request to obtain the package before delivery.
  3. After submission of your request, you will receive a text message that whether your request is approved or not.
  4. If the approval for your package for the intercept services has been passed, then you can obtain your package before the delivery without any hassle

What are the restrictions on the USPS Package Intercept?

Some of the restrictions with the USPS Package Intercept are as follows:

  1. Any of the postal customers would not be charged any extra fees if the package was not intercepted.
  2. USPS Package Intercept services are available for all domestic parcel services without any hassle.
  3. The items which contain bar code or an extra service are eligible for the intercept services likewise.
  4. The size of the parcel cannot exceed the more than 108 inches in length and girth combined.
  5. The fees which are required for the intercept services are not refundable.

USPS Hold for Pickup of your Package

The United States Postal Services or USPS provides its customers with the feature of holding their package before the delivery is to be made. You will also get detailed notifications about when the package is available for pick up again.

What is the USPS Hold Services available with?

The USPS hold services are available with the following:

  1. Priority Mail Express which offers retail post office locations.
  2. You can always hold the package at the nearest Post Office but that is only available for a specific amount of time.

What is the non-availability of the USPS Hold Services?

The USPS hold services are not eligible with First-Class mail letter as well as with mail items with the address APO, FPO and DPO destinations.

There are no specific fees charged with a 10:30 am pickup time. Apart from this time onwards, there are minor fees which are charged for the delivery of your parcel.


According to the rules, it is not possible to pick up a package from the Post Office without prior notice. Also, if the post office near to your residential address is small then you need to provide a valid reason such as if you do not stay in the current address which is provided to the Post Office or you do not want the parcel to be delivered due to legal issues. Find out Pickup a USPS Package before Delivery check it out here.

Also, if you have some kind of emergency only then you can avail of this service.

Now consider the situation where the post office nearest to you is quite big. It would become very difficult to track down your package without any sort of prior notice. Unless there is an emergency, it is advised that you opt-in to the carrier attempted delivery first before anything else.


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